PE dollar daily review: low transaction and price continues to decline

2019-12-06 17:03:06

Today, the price of PE US dollar market continues to be weak. After the decline of foreign offers, some traders' prices have declined, and the overall price of US dollar market continues to be weak and volatile. The linear mainstream price is 790-820 dollars/ton, and the tariff free price is 870 dollars/ton. In terms of low pressure, the injection molding price remained at 780 dollars/ton, and most of the Middle East low pressure films were at 820-840 dollars/ton. In terms of hollowness, some foreign businessmen in Saudi Arabia reduced their prices only by 820 dollars/ton. On the part of traders, the price of US dollar continued to be reduced slightly, but the market demand for us dollar became weak, and most goods were sold in general trade, and the price continued to be weak.

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