MAY 30,2024

BYK Offers PFAS-Free Additives for Continuous Processes

BYK2024-05-30 14:48

BYK-MAX P 4109 and BYK-MAX P 4110 master many current production challenges.


BYK is providing its customers in the thermoplastics industry with two PFAS-free product solutions that master many current challenges in the production of films, pipes, profiles, fibers and much more.

BYK-MAX P 4109 and BYK-MAX P 4110 prevent melt fracture, reduce the viscosity of the melt, reduce die build-up and allow faster material changes.

When processing polyolefins, high shear forces, temperatures and friction sometimes occur in the machines, leading to melt fracture or die build-up. In order to prevent these undesirable side effects and optimize production, fluo rine-containing processing aids have often been used to date to ensure good throughput and defect-free finished parts. However, there are currently international legal initiatives to restrict the use of fluoropolymers (PFAS).

BYK developed alternative additives that are PFAS-free and still have the usual positive effect on the process and result. With BYK-MAX P 4109 and BYK-MAX P 4110, two new polymer processing aids (PPA) from BYK are now on the market that meet these requirements exactly.

They are PFAS-free and at the same time allow a high production speed while preventing melt fracture and reducing die build-up which leads to less maintenance and shorter downtimes.

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