FEBRUARY 27,2024

Development trends of China's Coatings Industry

2024-02-27 09:38

1、Development direction of green coatings during the 14th Five Year Plan period

Collaborate with downstream coating industries to strengthen the promotion of low VOCs content coatings

Coatings with low VOCs content, such as powder, water-based, high solid content, and radiation curing, are encouraged:

Automotive manufacturing primer vigorously promotes the use of water-based coatings, and passenger car intermediate coatings and color coatings vigorously promote the use of high solid or water-based coatings, accelerating the transformation of intermediate coatings and color coatings for buses, trucks, and other vehicles.

Container manufacturing vigorously promotes the use of water-based coatings in processes such as inside, outside, and wooden floor coating. While ensuring anti-corrosion functions, we will accelerate the adoption of water-based coatings in special containers.

Wooden furniture manufacturing vigorously promotes the use of water-based, radiation cured, powder and other coatings.

Metal component manufacturing vigorously promotes the use of powder coatings.

Construction machinery manufacturing vigorously promotes the use of water-based, powder, and high solid coatings.

Promote the use of powder, water-based, radiation cured coatings in the manufacturing of electronic products.


2、Key points for sustainable development of China's paint industry




3、Carbon reduction work in the paint industry

1) Innovative application of low-carbon new materials

*Strengthen the development and application of new and renewable raw materials

*Develop bio based renewable monomers and resins to replace carbon based monomers and synthetic resins.

*Research and application of low VOC content coating matching resin


2) Supporting policies, regulations, and standards

*Establish industry carbon reduction accounting standards

*Research and develop an industry carbon reduction technology catalog


3) Joint downstream painting process upgrade

*Extend the repainting cycle by using high-performance coatings;

*Upgrade coating products to reduce baking temperature;

*By upgrading the drying process, we can improve thermal efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


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